Episode 5: “I am Anne Frank (Part 2)”

If last week’s episode of American Horror Story: Asylum didn’t scare you out of your wits, part two of Anne Frank’s arrival is sure to leave an impression. After suffering a leg wound from Anne, Dr. Arden is taken off to the hospital, leaving his laboratory seemingly unattended. Sister Jude, having been told of the “creature” that he’s been housing, decides to inspect his working area herself; little does she know that Sister Mary has already taken care of the job.

As Anne Frank is whisked away by her husband, things become even more confusing. It’s hard to tell who exactly is telling the truth in this situation, because they’re both so equally convincing. Either “Anne” (whose actual name is said to be Charlotte) is absolutely crazy, or she is very misunderstood. Likewise, her husband is either a cold-blooded murderer or just a very concerned father.

As penance for their crimes, Kit and Grace were scheduled to receive a “sterilization”. Unexpectedly, Kit walks out free, told by Sister Mary that Jude was allowing it; and Grace is left to drown in her own fear within the walls of her cell.

Charlotte is taken away by her husband after Sister Jude releases her from Briarcliff.

Meanwhile, Dr. Thredson helps Lana to escape Briarcliff and takes her back to his home to help her lay low for a while. I, personally, began to doubt Dr. Thredson’s courtesy at the start of this scene, aware that nearly every character involved in the story is guilty of something; yet I still experienced those few seconds of jaw-dropping, hair-pulling disgust when Thredson was revealed to be none other than Bloody Face himself. Granted, these are the kind of plot twists that make this show so much more enticing, but I became frustrated with the realization that there was not a single character that I could say I liked entirely, because they all have someone’s blood on their hands.

By the end, Kit is arrested after confessing to the murder of his wife; Grace seems to have seen Kit’s wife, Alma, and the aliens which abducted her; Lana is now trapped in Thredson’s demented laboratory; and Charlotte appears to be cured after a shady surgery performed by Arden. Unquestionably, the most horrific visual was the legless and disfigured Shelley, crawling up the steps outside an elementary school. It’ll take me a while to be able to get that image out of my head.

Evidently, Briarcliff is not only a haven for the insane, but a haven for secrets as well. Next week we’ll see the more maniacal side of Thredson and discover his plans for Lana, and we’ll hopefully know what exactly will become of Kit and the rest of the asylum patients. Score: 9/10

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Nataly Capote / Chief Copy Editor

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