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I really enjoyed this article since this is a very judgmental time for our country and, as they say, every vote counts. This shows that people our age are taking this election very seriously since we are the future of the United States. Junior Joseph C. Cantrell

New salad bar debuts in Steinbrenner cafeteria

This story was very informative. This article provides anyone who wasn’t aware of the lunch choices a great description of what there is to pick from. Nice job keeping students informed. Sophomore Nicole Villar

This article definitely showcased a very important matter: eating healthy. It let the student body know about this new addition to the cafeteria. It was a great way to help students realize that eating healthy is the right thing to do and it all starts at Steinbrenner High. Junior Kayla Castellano

Star Watch

I really enjoyed this article; however, I noticed that there was no mention of the swim team in the whole newspaper. We have some amazing freshmen that are part of the varsity team, such as Ashley Kubel, Dina Pissorius and Erin Quinn. We also have amazing seniors, including Emma Volz, who is one of the female captains, and Michael Ward, who is one of the male captains. They are doing very well this year and some of the school’s first swimmers are leaving this year. Freshman Emma Stevens

Why you should care

I completely agree. More students should care when it comes to politics. It is a very important topic and affects the rest of our lives. It is nice to know that there are teenagers out there who care enough to discuss important issues. Students, especially seniors, need to be aware of what is going on in the world. Sophomore Morgan Slater

Hockey left out to dry

I really appreciated reading this article. Club sports such as hockey and lacrosse should definitely get more recognition and support. As you said, we work hard as a team to do our best and give Steinbrenner a good name, and what do we get in return? Nothing! Although the school may feel that funding these sports is expensive, they could at least inform the students when and where the games are. Just because we play club sports doesn’t mean that we don’t work just as hard as sports funded by the school. Sophomore Gabby Shusterman

Teen reflects on friend’s suicide

I very much enjoyed this article. Suicide is a topic I feel strongly about and have connections to, so the story really spoke to me. I feel like it’s extremely important that more people are aware of how often young adults contemplate, attempt, or even go through with suicide. Sophomore Emily Pedone

Suicide is a very serious and traumatic topic of discussion. The article opened my eyes about teen suicide. Teenagers should be more knowledgeable on suicide and its statistics. Sophomore Kelsy Holbert

This article is extremely relevant since several students in the area have committed suicide. Although it was sad, I agree that bullying needs to be stopped. Freshman Payton Nolan

My heart dropped when I started reading this article. The statistics made me wonder if what one says, even in a joke, could unintentionally hurt someone. I see cyber-bullying all the time on social networks; next time, I’ll stick up for the person being bullied or report it. Freshman Lily Matakaetis

Much ado about nothing over schedules

I think the schedule changes are just a headache. It’s basically the first day of school all over again because students have new classes with new teachers. I think that the point you are missing is that the curriculum in the first few weeks of school is purposely less challenging because students are still adjusting. When students are thrown into a new class mid-quarter, they may end up feeling like a fish out of water and just collapse under mountains of work. Sophomore Kailey Mara

Fox Prep Rally was…eh

I completely agree with the article that argued that the televised pep rally was only mediocre. The school worked together to win the pep rally and school pride was evident. We should have been better rewarded for our group effort and received more time to celebrate our warrior pride. Hopefully next pep rally will be better. Junior Danielle Eule

The Fox Sports Prep Rally was ridiculous. I personally did so much advertising for this event, telling everyone to vote for Prep 2. I was so excited for what I thought was going to be an all day pep rally. When I learned that it was only going to be 30 minutes, I was extremely upset. This article helped the school realize that next time we have an opportunity to win this competition, going overboard is not even worth it. Sophomore Samantha Bump

The Mormon way

I do not understand why this article only came about because of the election. Religion, to me, does not in any way matter during the election debates. I could honestly care less what Romney or Obama believe spiritually. Nonetheless, I enjoyed finding a politics section in the paper. Even though elections do not apply to many students who are under 18, I still find pleasure in reading about our government and political issues. Senior Lizmarie Davila

Winter sports get a head start

This article was very interesting and informative. I liked hearing what the coaches had to say about their team and the season ahead. It was cool to see what the teams were doing to prepare. I play on the Steinbrenner basketball team and it’s great to see that many other sports are working just as hard as we are. It will be a great season for Steinbrenner winter sports. Sophomore Sophie Bocksnick

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