When it comes to social networking sites like Facebook, many students seem to have no problem adding their classmates to their friend lists. But is a line drawn at adding your own teacher to your Facebook account?

The general consensus is that a student being ‘friends’ with a teacher on Facebook is inappropriate; it even became illegal in Missouri in 2011, where exclusive networking sites are prohibited from being used for communication between a teacher and a student.

By adding one’s teacher on Facebook, a student’s personal information and photos can be easily accessed by Facebook friends, leading teachers to learn about their student’s out-of-school lifestyle and potentially changing the teacher’s perspective on their student. It would also affect the teacher-student relationship, which is a viable part of a student’s high school experience.

“It’s a different level, [being friends with teachers on Facebook]. Your personal life should be kept from school teachers. It’s kind of creepy,” said junior Isabelle Puppa.

Just as many people like to keep their personal life and work life separate, students should keep their personal lives separate from their teachers and higher authorities at school by only talking to their teachers one-on-one for school related subjects. It would not be a problem if everyone had good intentions, but unfortunately not everyone does and some people may make speculations about teachers and students being friends on Facebook. We’ve all heard the stories about teachers and students having inappropriate, out-of-school relationships.

If you have a dire need to add your teacher on Facebook, it’s your best bet to wait until after you graduate high school to send that friend request.

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One thought on “Hit “decline” to teacher Facebook requests

  1. I don’t think a teacher has ever sent a friend request to a student at Steinbrenner. It’s almost always the other way around.

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