Episode 4: “I am Anne Frank (Part 1)”

With this week’s episode came a new addition to the crazy clan: an emerging romance between characters Grace and Kit, and a closer look into Shelley’s horrendous fate.

Several things are going on at once during this episode, one being Thredson’s agreement to help Lana escape Briarcliff. It’s evident that she’s slowly losing her mentality with more weeks at the asylum, so she accepts his help and together they try to “cure” Lana of her homosexuality.

We see more of the romance between Grace and Kit (too much, one could say) and we learn the real reason that Grace was thrown into the asylum. It was kind of unexpected that Grace lied about her past and that she actually committed a murder; it shows the audience that she isn’t as innocent as she seems. Her confession causes Kit to question his own sanity and wonder if he had actually imagined the abduction of his wife. It’s an interesting twist that maybe Kit was crazy all along, but in my eyes he remains above suspicion.

During this episode, Anne Frank discovers what Dr. Arden has actually been up to.

Though we are all aware that Dr. Arden is a twisted individual, we are introduced to character “Anne Frank”, who is set on revealing the mysteries of Arden’s past. The alleged Anne is brought to Briarcliff and soon makes a scene after claiming that she recognizes Dr. Arden. She explains to Sister Jude that she met him in Auschwitz and that he tortured the children in her compartment. And though it’s hard for her to believe, Jude is eventually convinced that there is definitely something going on.

Later on, Dr. Arden is questioned by two detectives, who have evidence to prove that he tried to kill a prostitute in his home. With closer inspection, Sister Jude becomes even more suspicious, after hearing that the prostitute found Nazi memorabilia within his things.

The most surprising element of this week’s episode was probably Monsignor Timothy Howard’s involvement in Arden’s sinister crimes. It was a wild turn of events because Monsignor Howard came across as the only pure one within the asylum; now it’s evident that nobody at Briarcliff is innocent, and perhaps this is what creators Murphy and Falchuk were going for: a situation that shows every character has a dark side.

It’s hard to be certain what exactly is happening to Shelley: whether Arden is planning to morph her into one of his cannibal creatures or preparing to feed her to them later on. We are also not entirely sure if Kit is being honest with his confession to Sister Jude, or if he’s just finally accepting the inescapable fate that awaits him.

We didn’t see much of Sister Mary last night, though it’s clear that we can expect to in future episodes. The preview gives us a kind of jumbled insight to next week’s episode and shows that we will definitely be finding out a lot more about Dr. Arden. Score: 7.5/10

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Nataly Capote/ Chief Copy Editor

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