(From left to right) Seniors Tanner Biles, Matt Magee, Zach Lima, and Tyler Lima pose with their medals from a 4X800 relay race. In that event, they placed 4th in the state.

The boys cross country team, otherwise known as “The Boss Cross” has had yet another successful season. With their five seniors as the teams top runners, the group as a whole has worked hard to achieve their goals, and its paying off.

According to senior captain Zach Lima, the boys have become more like brothers all running for each other, instead of individuals. “We have really become a team this year,” said Lima.

From last year, the team has focused on training a lot harder and building their strength. This mainly comes from a variety of weight lifting, yoga, stretching, and core exercises. Over the whole summer, the team’s top 10 runners were in the weight room preparing for the upcoming season.

As for star runners, Lima said that the one thing that their coaches stressed was that there were no individuals on the team; that all the boys work hard together.

For the third year in a row, The Boss Cross has taken home the win at the district finals meet. Now, the team hopes to move on and win the regional meet, as well as “earn a spot on the podium” at the state meet.

Throughout the season, Lima says that everyone has grown alot closer and become more of a team. “The (good) dynamics of a team weren’t really there before, but we have built them up and have become alot closer and stronger than we have ever been,” said Lima.

The regional meet is at Lecanto High this Saturday, 11/10.


Emily Goldbach / Sports Editor

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