Over the years, Microsoft has been kind of hit and miss with their operating systems. Windows 7 was a desperate jump.

First, think about the new MacBook Pro with Retina display, they are trying to move forward, end the era of the optical drive, and push resolution to its limits. This may be a bit much for some people, especially those who use Internet Explorer.from the awfulness of Vista, and it held its own. But the continuing problem with Microsoft is, two steps forward, one step back.

People who hate Apple patronize them for taking out “important features” like the optical drive, where most of the world likes Microsoft for their innovations. Innovations such as Windows ME. Apple likes to take large steps forwa
rd to try to move the industry faster, but Microsoft stays with the technology of the times. People wait for years on end for a new Microsoft product, only to be years behind.Herein lies the problem with Windows 8. Coming out at the end of 2012, Microsoft makes a tablet oriented desktop operating system. Wait, what? iOS has been out since 2007, that’s when Vista came out. They created it for their tablet Microsoft Surface, not for the consumer desktop. It suffers an intense identity crisis. Microsoft tried to make a new OS, but clumsily stitched together Windows 7 with their, ha, get this, phone software. I anticipate it to sell as well as the Zune.

If you are already on Windows 7, stay right where you are. It’s not worth the money, or your time. Not only are you going to learn how to navigate a new interface, but everything will lack compatibility.

Looking forward, one can clearly see that Microsoft is falling behind. They are growing old and good ‘ol Steve Balmer isn’t helping. If we’re lucky, they will go the way of IBM and slowly wither out of importance, but, only time will tell.

Kiran Shila/ Web Editor

4 thoughts on “The beginning of the end for Microsoft

  1. I seriously can’t believe Microsoft is still freaken around I mean really guyz it’s not the 90’s anymore although I do miss those shows from Nickelodeon……..:(~

    1. You see that mouse you’re using right now, if it wasn’t for Steve Jobs, you wouldn’t have it. Get your facts straight.

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