Tyler Hatcher, the president of the Modern Dance Club, plans to bring electronic dance music and new forms of art to Steinbrenner.

Gloving in this school has been growing as fast as a fire in a dry field. For some people,  it has become a lifestyle. They twirl and move their hands and fingers (“glove,” as a verb) whenever they don’t have an object in their hands.

The Oracle talked to senior Tyler Hatcher, the president of the Modern Dance Club (their main art is gloving, but they’re also enthusiasts of glowsticking, popping, shuffling and other various modern dances) about the recent growth of gloving and how it will affect his club and the school.

It was Hatcher’s idea to begin a club devoted to emerging forms of dance because he noticed a big rise in popularity throughout the school. He consulted his friend Blake Fernandez, and they formulated a plan that would lead to the creation of the club. Hatcher does admit that Fernandez did most of the pulling when it came to the actual formation of the club.

Hatcher first witnessed modern dance when a friend of his, graduate Danny Blasquez, brought some of his glowsticks to school and spun them in front of him. Hatcher was quickly hooked and began to branch out from glowsticking and ultimately to gloving.

“(Gloving) became my own escape,” said Hatcher.

Hatcher and his club plan to become just as big as the other educational music programs in the school. They have plans to participate in this year’s talent show and to eventually perform at pep rallies during the year.

When asked about the negative views on modern dancing, gloving specifically, Hatcher compared the emergence of modern dance and electronic music  now to the emergence of rock and roll in the 1950s.

“People usually don’t react well to the unknown, so we are given this negative spotlight that hinders our popularity.” said Hatcher.

If people weren’t so skeptical about the topic of modern dance, this wouldn’t be the club’s first year on campus, said Hatcher. They would already have their own concerts in school and would be competing in local modern dance competitions.

Hatcher wants to promote the acronym PLURR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and Responsibility) throughout his club to give it a strong direction and respectable image.

As for the future,  Hatcher plans to convince the student population to love and/or accept modern dance for what he believes it is: a rising phenomenon with a lot of potential.

Alex Troutt / Staff Writer

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5 thoughts on “The Tyler Hatcher Initiative: Senior brings new forms of dance, music to school

  1. So, you glorify an “art” that was started by people using acid and LSD? Yeah, that’s really smart, Oracle. Not like the school has best buddies or other community service clubs. Unlike this garbage.

    1. We are in no way endorsing drugs. This is an art/dance just as much as ballet is, they are moving their body’s (well at least a part of their body’s) to music. Kids don’t come to school on drugs and they practice every day in class. I understand your opinion but please do not not accuse The Oracle of endorsing drugs.

  2. He gets an article for starting a gloving club, and I get nothing for starting the Anime Club. >_> no respect…

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