Junior Karianne Reilly (yellow shirt) hands water out to players on the Warriors football team. She hopes to be in the medical field when she grows up and pursue nursing as a career.

Do you have an interest in sports medicine? Do you like helping athletes with their injuries? Do you consider becoming an athletic trainer or physical therapist? If any of these questions intrigued you, then the Student Athletic Trainer program might be for you.The founder of this program, health science teacher Jasmin Wantuch, believes it is the one true way students can get the experience they need after what they learn in class. The students learn alot of anatomy and physiology, sports injuries, and various rehab exercises. Students learn how to evaluate/identify different injuries as well as treat them.

Junior Karianne Reilly, one of the students involved, hopes to be able to gain a better understanding of athletic trainers and to just “have a fun experience.” When Wantuch advertised the program to her students, Reilly said her curiosity kicked in. She has been helping the football coaches and players by supplying them with water and observing coach Austin Dacanay (a certified trainer) while he aids the players injuries.

Along with football, other sports will also have the student trainers around during the seasons, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and flag fooball. “It really depends on which coaches are willing to have the students around to help,” said Wantuch.

Throughout the experience, Wantuch hopes that her students gain a better insight into what an athletic trainer does and that there is more to athletic training than just taping up an ankle. “I really just hope that the students are able to understand and pull all of what they have learned and apply it to real world situations.”

If a person is interested in the program, they can apply through the Kinsman Acadamy, or express and interest to their guidance counselor.


Emily Goldbach / Sports Editor


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