It was the most wonderful time of the year for most students. It was the week of anticipation of the homecoming football game and the homecoming dance. It was the week when students brought out a different side of their wardrobe.

Themes were a huge part of the spirit week process. Frankly, this year’s themes for spirit week were nothing but disappointing for the most part.

Retro day and twin day were both classics. They were both enjoyable and school-appropriate. These were the two days that most students participated

Senior Brandon Moseley eats his lunch on “Teacher Appreciation” day. Moseley was one of many students who chose to dress up as a nerd.

in. They were just fun and brought out another side of people. Considering everyone was dressed funky on these days, no one looked at others like they were out of sorts.

On the contrary, the theme that was really disappointing was “Teacher Appreciation”. By taking out “When I grow up” day and replacing it with this, students rebelled because of the not-so-fun outfits that followed this theme. There are no teachers who really stand out with their outfits, which led to no crazy.

When students came to school dressed as nerds or as Hawaiians on the teacher appreciation day, administration was furious. However, there should not be a problem with students showing their school spirit differently. The idea was started on Facebook when people posted updates planning to rebel. Some students suggested the Hawaiian theme was a more fun and special way of celebrating our school. Students should not have been put in the situation where “they weren’t welcome” if they wore Hawaiian gear and should not have been sent down to the office for violating dress code with “distracting attire”. All of spirit week is distracting dress code and it is just a week to have fun, not turn the school into a jail. Most of the attire for the Hawaiian students was 100% in dress code and none of the kids caused a riot.

However, for the students who dressed up as nerds, there was no said “violation” of dress code. There was a bias towards the three themes: students dressed as teachers were favored, nerds were treated indifferently and, lastly, Hawaiian themed students were frowned upon. Last time I checked, dressing up as a nerd wasn’t showing teacher appreciation either.

College day was quite ironic. Spirit week is about having school spirit for one’s high school…not college (considering no one attending is in college yet). Dressing up in college colors would be more appropriate for a spirit day at a college.

Finally, spirit day was the true spirit week theme. By showing as much warrior pride as possible, this day is the whole point of spirit week: school spirit. When people go all out, it shows that even though some students do not think that we have as much school spirit as they would like, we can all come together as a community.

Students should have the opportunity to vote on how they want to show their school spirit with a survey. There would be less controversy and “miscommunication” with all students.

Gaby Morillo / Photo Editor

2 thoughts on “Far from Hawaiian paradise

  1. I agree with your opinion. The faculty shouldn’t be so strict on how the students celebrate spirit day. Your idea about the survey on Edline is a great idea and it will most definitely be a great way to avoid any problems!

  2. I agree with the last paragraph of the article. There should be a survey on edline before the week, or something that can keep the students invovled and ensure school particiaption. I know this is late, but very good article.

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