The offensive line lines up for a play. Perez-Reinaldo said that their play was the reason for the uptick in offensive play against Riverview.

While the Sharks (2-5) went into the game with a better record, they came out behind the Warriors (2-4) offensively and defensively in terms of stats and heart in this Steinbrenner 27-14 victory.

The Warrior offense made huge adjustments according to Head Coach, Andres Perez-Reinaldo. Senior running back Kendall Pearcey shared a combined amount of 81 yards along with junior running back Jake Carroll against the Warriors previous opponent, Gaither. In this game alone, Pearcey had about 170 rushing yards by himself. This and the passing game of the Warriors, led by junior quarterback Curtis Fitch and senior wide receiver Jon-Marc Carrier, helped contribute to the 300 plus offensive yards gained by the Warriors playing in their 2012-2013 homecoming game.

The ‘Legends’ and band line the path that the team ran down for the introduction. The Homecoming game was played under a clear sky in its entirety, unlike the Warriors previous game against Gaither.

“It felt great coming off these injuries and getting back out here and finally having the game I am used to having and what better time to have than at homecoming game. We need to defiantly clean some things up but we did great as a team and as individual players” said Carrier.

Perez was happy with his teams progression after the game.

“The one thing that really changed and allowed us to win this game that has been missing and different from every other game we have played this season is the offensive line. They made big plays and supplied those holes for our running backs to get through and get some points on the board” said Perez-Reinaldo.

In addition to the suddenly sparked offense came a strong defense, allowing only two Riverview touchdowns. An addition to the defense was junior running back, Shaheem Barthel. Barthel’s stats included two important sacks on junior Riverview quarterback, Chase Freeman and an all important 21 yard touchdown pass which gave the Steinbrenner the early lead of 7-0.

In addition to Barthel’s defense in this game, the rest of the Warriors forced 6 turnovers on the Sharks. This included 2 interceptions, 2 fumble recoveries, and an extra point attempt blocked. The final interception coming from senior safety Tyler McClain to seal the victory.

“Our players did a great job of finding the end zone and they need to just hold on to the ball better in regard to fumble situations.  Next week’s gonna be a tough game and a very important game if we will want to have a chance of making district playoffs. But to get there, we will have to have very intense practices and have our players play to the best of their ability” said Perez-Reinaldo.

Next week the Warriors will face off against Tampa Bay Tech (4-2) at home while the Sharks (2-5) play at Brandon (0-6).

“We need to practice harder. When we practice harder, the stuff we do will get more intense and when this happens, we play harder in the games when it really counts, and that is when we will reach our goal of being a great football team that should be respected as a competitor” said Pearcey.





Evan Abramson / Staff Writer




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  1. hey, wow, sports section finally did a story other than football and volleyball. they are learning. good job guys.

  2. Haven’t seen any golf coverage either. The girls won their fourth straight district title today, it would be nice if the oracle mentioned them. Or the swim team. The Tribune, the Times and even the Lutz laker puts a lot about other steinbrenner sports out there. Maybe the oracle should too.

  3. i liked the story but when will a different sport show up on this site. all we see is football and volleyball. what about track and swimming. what about previews to baseball and soccer and softball and basketball.

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