The Steinbrenner Cafeteria recently debuted a new salad bar dubbed “The Green House” for all students during lunches. The salad bar is a great start to healthier living.

Students can pick up an order form in the front of the cafeteria. They can then choose up to 2 main toppings including turkey, ham, cheese, or chicken; 3 minor toppings including olives, carrots, tomatoes and onions; and a dressing including honey mustard, caesar, and ranch.

The salad bar is available to students during all lunches,  but the line gets pretty long so be sure to head to the salad bar early in your lunch to allow ample time to receive and enjoy your salad.

Anthony Armenia/Web Assistant


3 thoughts on “New salad bar debuts in Steinbrenner Cafeteria

  1. Thanks for the information on the salad bar. I tried it the other day and it is actually pretty good! This was actually a great idea in making school lunches healthier. Great job in keeping the students informed.

  2. Excellent story! I use the salad bar every day. This was a smart addition to the lunches. Great detail in the article. Keep up the good work.

  3. You did a great job on this story. Everyone at school loves the new salad bar. This story is very informational to thoes who don’t know about the Green House at Steinbrenner High Schools cafeteria.

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