James Dashner’s Maze Runner Trilogy stands tall with other works of popular fiction.

The book starts out with a boy named Thomas who shows up in a place called the Glade without any memories. The Glade is surrounded by a labyrinth called the Maze. After the Gladers escape the Maze, they find out that WICKED uses them to develop an antiserum for a virus called “The Flare”. Afterwards, they are subjected to more trials and introduced to more subjects whose main goal is to escape WICKED’s control. 

In addition, the setting and time period takes place in an almost dystopian society. Could the government sometime in the future come up with a disease that is almost impossible to cure? Possibly. Could the government somehow lose the virus and watch it spread across the world? You never know.

Dashner did a good job of making each book have a different type of maze and obstacles. For example, instead of bringing the Grievers back in the second book, a new type of robot was developed: “the lightbulb creatures.”

As for the characters, the reader’s don’t know have that much insight about them, but most of them are unbelievably relatable. However, in some cases, the reader’s don’t agree with them or the characters you may have liked in the beginning became really annoying.

For example, Teresa is entirely dedicated to the WICKED cause which is to rid the world of the Flare despite the risks. Her over the top tantrums about “saving humans” make you want to press the invisible fast forward button.

Other than the tantrums, Dashner gives a new reason to turn the page. For example, the plot shifts from taking the guard, Lawrence, hostage to a group of Cranks (people infected with the Flare) pulverizing their getaway vehicle.

The Maze Runner stands out from other books in its time period because of the lack of profanity and racy scenes. To make up for that loss, there is an increase in the amount of violence.

The writing was good, but it felt like the author held back a lot and needed to spend more time making the story feel complete. It was really predictable toward the end, especially seemed to have laid everything out so perfectly a reader may think “Why didn’t they just do that in the first place?”

The Maze Runner movie was announced in 2011 and should be coming out around 2013-2014.  Score: 7.5/10

Angela Sexton / Staff Writer


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