Members of the mens golf team walk the course. The team is off to a solid 3-3-1 start this season.

Although Steinbrenner High schools women’s Golf team has been stellar over the course of history, the boys are not that far behind according to their head coach J.R. Allen.

“We had a good team last year and unfortunately, four of those players left and one other guy left who was one of my top 6, he excelled in baseball and decided to leave for one sport. Overall, we were left with one team of underclassmen.” said Allen.

Overall this year, the golf team and their veteran coach feel as if they have played decently so far but have a lot to work on and to build upon this year for this younger team. When identifying one of the biggest obstacles for this season, Allen specified that the complicated and competitive schedule that was in their future.

Coach Allen identified some of golfers he expects to contribute this season, juniors Zack Ishee and Dillon Garcia, and senior Nick Kilolo.

But perhaps the biggest loss for the warriors mens golf team was their stroke record holder, Trevor Joseph, who now plays with a golf scholarship to St. Leo University.

“If we show up and do what we are capable to be doing then we will be able to compete for a district title.  I’m not saying we are a favorite, but we do have the tools. If we can just put it all together and play as good as I know we can, then I think we can succeed. But, as you know, golf is a sport where anything can happen and we just all have to come together and play together in sync to maximize our performance.  I mean, just because one guy is good on Monday, doesn’t mean his teammate won’t score a 70( 9) holes on another day.” Said Allen.


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2 thoughts on “Mens Golf is Catching Up

  1. I must say, as a member of the boys golf team, I am very disappointed with this story. You didn’t even talk to one of us, much less put us in the newspaper. It’s really sad that when a team or player does well, all you focus on is the coach or the volleyball team … Hard to believe anyone is a star athlete in football when they have one win.

    BTW what the heck is “stroke record holder” ? Learn the facts BEFORE putting this out.

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