The Steinbrenner High School Oracle is introducing a new blog entitled Ask Debby, a student advice column. 

The advice column is 100 percent anonymous and totally confidential. Just submit your questions in the form on the side with a question and I will answer your questions each and every Friday in a blog post. Keep the questions coming in and I look forward to hearing from you guys.

– Debby


4 thoughts on “Ask Debby, Steinbrenner student advice column

  1. Debby,

    My girlfriend’s uncle is 100% my political/social/everything-pretty-much beliefs. Obviously, this can become a problem. I try to be as respectable as possible towards him, but he makes it really hard when he sends her derogatory text messages against our “lliberal” values. It’s like every time I see him there is some invisible tension between him and I, especially since we had got into a political argument a few months ago, of which I had landed on top of.

    Any advice?

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