Fox 13 feature reporter Charley Belcher looks out over the Steinbrenner student body. The coverage consisted of over two hours of teases and footage for the Fox Prep Game of the Week coverage.

Although fun for the people involved, the Fox Sports Prep Rally was rather underwhelming.

DJ Change (right) and the rest of the 101.5 FM team put on a show for Steinbrenner.

After a tight race in voting to win the pep rally and, of course, a grand 15 minutes after administration managed to fit the whole school on to one side of the football stands, students were filing out, thoroughly  unimpressed by the spectacle.

An impromptu dance-off between students and radio employees in a circle of cheerleaders highlighted the experience for an average Steinbrenner student who, chances were, was sitting so far away from the action (located in the center of the front stretch of the track) that the rising morning sun prevented the student from seeing the TV cameras at all. Confusion among teachers about where to send their kids and what to have them do also derailed potential excitement. Some were prevented from standing, while others roamed freely right up next to the fence.

In all fairness, Fox 13 feature reporter Charley Belcher and DJ Change from 101.5 did their jobs well. However, the short amount of time they had with the whole student body prevented them from making a substantial impact on anyone’s day. The majority of students missed a band member rapping “Gangam Style” for 100 dollars once they left, which likely would have contributed to their experience.

If you were in the band, on the football team, in senate, part of the media or a cheerleader then the assembly was definitely more entertaining. From the track, school spirit seemed to be brimming. In fact, senate member Kelsey Diaz expressed how much this assembly alone “gave us more spirit” and Belcher added “it was incredible to hear everyone cheering at one time-it was really a great experience.” Unfortunately, they were misled by the small percentage of students who were involved.

This is the fault of no one who was there; let’s just blame the event coordinator back at Fox studios and call it a day. Just be a little less feverish when it comes to voting next time…we do still have to go to the pep rally if we win.

Zealand Shannon / Co-Sports Editor

6 thoughts on “Fox Sports Pep Rally was…eh

  1. Ya but we still didn’t win & don’t tell me that winning isn’t everything I know it’s not but still……..

  2. I think the pep rally was fun, but I wish it would’ve lasted longer! We really came together as a school and hopefully we have more in the future.

  3. i think the pep rally was alot of fun, although i am a cheerleader, and have gotten feedback from my friends that we had alot more fun then they did, we still got to miss 1st period and just hangout, i would think they would prefer that over work.

  4. Yes, but in my perspective the entire event was an utter waste of time since Stein High lost badly that night & plus not a whole lotta ppl got a chance to shine on the big screen including myself & I know wat some of u might start 2 say “ya well dude there r more important things than being on tv” I agree but it would’ve bin nice……>:)~

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