On Thursday, April 26, Steinbrenner High School and Gaither High School co-hosted the Student Government Association (SGA) Meeting in this

Student government leaders from various schools watch a slide show featuring community serivce ideas.

school’s media center. Four student government leaders from each of the roughly 20 schools who participated came together to discuss community service proposals, issues at each school, SGA voting procedures and more in the meeting, which was themed ”Be a hero in your own backyard”.

“(The students) heard a lot of great ideas to take home,” said Steinbrenner senator MacKenzie Lyle. Lyle led the event.

Senate President MacKenzie Lyle speaks to student government leaders.

Students were provided breakfast as the meeting began. They performed skits, shared ideas and watched a slide show. Several guest speakers were present, including Hillsborough County Superintendent of Elections Dr. Earl Leonard and Ms. Pinellas County, Laura McKeeman. Numerous theme-related items were raffled off at the end.

“It’s a really big deal that we sponsored this,” said Senate sponsor Beverley Jarrett.

All students on the Steinbrenner and Gaither senates participated. The meeting ran for the majority of the day, ending on a high note around 12:00 p.m.

Natalie Barman / Opinion Editor

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