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On Friday, April 13, Principal Brenda Grasso issued a new student dress code policy to the Steinbrenner High School community. The new code states that all students are to wear clothing that touches both their wrists and ankles and extends both above (for pants) and below (for shirts) the waistline. Any student found violating this code will receive a $100 fine. Additionally, any teacher who does not send an offender to the office will receive a $150 fine.

“Hopefully these policies will let students know that we are adamant in enforcing the dress code,” said Grasso in a press conference early Monday morning. “Past policies have been too lenient on students.”

The stricter rules are designed to prevent many previous problems associated with inappropriate clothing from reoccurring. These issues include distraction from class, violent fights, increased use of drugs and several attempted murders.

The majority of students are outraged by these new rules, but several students who are victims of the dark ages of dress code have spoken out in support.

“These new codes show that Steinbrenner is ready to take the lead in dress code enforcement,” said junior Allison Risqué. As a freshman, Risqué was sucked into the world of out-of-dress-code attire. Her friends encouraged her to “be a rebel” and “screw the system”. Risqué was regularly wearing miniskirts and tank tops by December.

“I kept getting called down to the office to change but I didn’t even care,” said Risqué. “It was a lifestyle and, at the time, I loved every minute of it.”

In February, Risqué’s clothing led to a confrontation with the law. Her group of dress code offenders, informally known as “The Spaghetti Straps”, clashed with another group of offenders, “The Wife Beaters”. The result was a violent shootout during sixth period lunch. After three hours of interrogation by the police and the arrests of several Spaghetti Straps and Wife Beater members, Risqué realized the life of a dress-code violator wasn’t for her.

“Hopefully the new code will prevent other students from going through what I did,” said Risqué.

Nonetheless, the code leaves several dress-code questions unanswered. When asked if see-through or lace shirts are acceptable clothing, Grasso simply restated the clothing-length rule. She later implied that hairstyle and makeup style rules may soon be amended into the dress code.

“We’re all going to have to make adjustments to comply with the new rule,” said Grasso. “I’ve given myself a dress code violation several times when I wore clothes not in accordance with the new rules.”

The code is a landmark for Hillsborough County. “We’re changing the way administrators view clothing,” said Grasso. “Hopefully other schools will follow our example.”

Natalie Barman/Opinion Editor

9 thoughts on “[SATIRE] New dress code to halt violence

  1. I feel that this is a good and a bad idea. Good because dress code needs to be adressed but I dont think having to pay money is going to make anyone now pay attention.

  2. I believe that this new dress code rule is a very smart idea because kids have been abusing the priviledge for such a long time. This will show the students that they are not messing around with dress code anymore. I think this is a new initiative

  3. This is ridiculous I’m all for reducing violence at our skool but this is FL not AK some1 could get heat stroke & die, also some1 could be getting something out of their locker while rushing 2 get 2 class on time they slam the locker shut and what do u know their sleeve gets caught in their locker thus the student is late 4 class, and another thing long sleeves can be used 2 choke some1 just imagine a guy is walking down the hall he gets jumped and the thug uses his sleeves 2 kill him they just need 2 change the sleeve policy.

  4. I for one applaud Grasso’s new policy. The gang violence between the Wife-Beaters and the Spaghetti Straps has gone on for way to long and needs to be put to a end. Thank you Ms.Grasso for saving and protecting our lives from these hooligans.

  5. It says SATIRE at the top of the page; and on a side note, i highly doubt that a shoot out happened in six lunch. Read before you comment

  6. She’s going “A Bridge Too Far.” Now I like the enforcing of the dress code but long sleeve shirts in Florida? In 90 degree heat? I walk home everyday because they cut my school bus route and I won’t be able to afford getting a car. The heat is usally around 90 degrees, the humdity is intense, the strain of a heavy backpack, the 1.8 miles to my house becomes a source of dread. I’m stuck in a vice of either paying high fines or coming home with more of an oder. Something has to give. Fines like this may work in the army to keep discpline but in school it’s a source of resentment and few parents would want to pay a fine for such idiotic measures.My future crime is wearing an AC/DC T-shirt and modestly sized gym shorts? Another thing why does clothing have to now be a sign associated with brawling between groups of students. This entire situation needs to be looked out in a diffrent prespctive.

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