Several concerns have come to students’ attention in the last month, especially sophomore class students, regarding parking and being able to drive to school next year.

Students that are honors or AP students, are on year round sports teams, plan on dual enrolling, want to get after-school tutoring, members of clubs or live at least 20 minutes away deserve to drive. These students who are very involved need to be able to make their own driving schedule to juggle their many interests.

“I am part of the golf team and the basketball team. My golf team always travels for practices,” said sophomore Andi Milan. “I need to be able to drive to school.”

Many students made the decision to come to Steinbrenner in only its second year in hope that it would provide the benefits of a new school along with its early reputation as a serious school for college-bound students. Most choice students understandably accept that they would have to manage the difficulties of having no school-provided access to transportation.

Students are only able to take advantage of these programs if they have access to them. If students at other schools are offered these benefits as juniors, then what does Steinbrenner offer in comparison?
Other schools in this area manage to provide parking for its students. Steinbrenner has one of the highest numbers of choice students in the area. With this in mind, planning should have been done, or should be done immediately, to accommodate the need for student parking. There are only about 400 spots for over 1100 juniors and seniors. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

“I think it’s unfair because juniors and even sophomores drive this year and next year we won’t be able to. It’s a privilege being taken away,” said sophomore Kayla Castallano.

This news should have been presented in another way other than a general announcement to the sophomore class at an assembly for choosing classes. I hope that the school board will make fixing this problem for the 2012-13 school year a priority.

6 thoughts on “Juniors should retain driving privileges

  1. I’m a freshman, what’s going to happen when I’m a junior? Only 1/4 the seniors can part? Riiiiighhtt.

  2. I would just like to comment and say that i understand why Juniors are upset over losing their original driving privileges next year, and i respect that, but there are 600 seniors and only 400 parking spaces- and seniors get priority- sorry… Also after the class of 2013 graduates then maybe you all can drive again and by then you will be seniors anyway. I do think though that any juniors on sports teams should be allowed to drive to school- other than that we should be focused on many other things 🙂

  3. Dear Oracle Staff,
    while understanding the situation that steinbrenner is in, I have to be truthful that I also hate the outcome that has arisen becuase of the over population at the school. I think that driving should be available to people who are on sports teams or are choiced in becuase of the situation they are in. Their is tons of space available and things we can do to ensure that people who need driving can get driving, but we dont do it. That is a problem and it seems to be a minor and changable problem that doesnt involve a lot of hard work. unlike people who are zoned for steinbrenner, we who are choiced have no way of getting to school except being driven. if our parents work for a living and cant afford to take time off in this recession, then what are we to do if we cant drive to school and cant take the bus to school.

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