Shunryu Suzuki’s Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind is a phenomenal introduction to the wonderful philosophy / psychology / religion / indescribable power of Zen Buddhism, which I have dove into with verve in recent weeks. Even if all the world’s religions were destroyed, said Osho, Zen would remain, because it is not a religion but a primal and natural force that exists whether we want it to or not, and is beyond any description or capture by language. It focuses on enlightenment, meditation, and the total letting go of all precepts and principles. When doing, we should just do.

Although no words can capture the essence of zazen meditation (having experienced this myself in weekly zazen sessions at the Tampa Zen Center, I can attest to the indescribable nature of Zen), Shunryu Suzuki, former leader, before his death, of the Zen Center at Tassajara. His sentences are like gems, incredibly perfect and beyond analysis. One can look at any sentence for minutes and not capture its fractal meaning, which seems to have no bottom. Suzuki takes a tour of different parts of Zen, including meditation practice, right understanding, and the correct disposition for living an everyday life. Living a Zen life is just that: an everyday live. I would highly recommend checking out this book for anyone, whether you desire a spiritual revolution or not. It is short, simple reading if you open your mind to it, and it has potential to change your whole life.

And of course, anyone is welcome to join us for weekly zazen sessions at on Sunday in the Treehouse Yoga center on 29th Street off Busch. All are welcome!

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