Athletic Director Eddie Henderson said the decision was "fair and just". (Photo by Jeff Odom/Oracle)

The Steinbrenner boys soccer team will have to vacate 12 games from the 2011-12 regular season due to an ineligible player, Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) Director of Public Relations Corey Sobers and school Athletic Director Eddie Henderson confirmed to The Oracle, Thursday afternoon.

The FHSAA had been investigating the team after an anonymous email was sent highlighting the possibility that the player, which was not named, falsified his address in order to gain athletic eligibility.

“A student at Steinbrenner falsified information in order to gain athletic eligibility. This student was ruled ineligible for a year from the date of discovery per Bylaw,” Sobers told The Oracle via email.

He then added, “This student competed in 12 games while ineligible and Steinbrenner must forfeit every contest in which the student participated.”

On Tuesday evening, the school imposed the removal of its number one district seed on itself to try and lessen the blow of any sanctions the FHSAA could bring down on the program, as a result in the final report document, the school would not see any further penalty according to Sobers.

“There is no penalty to the school beyond the forfeiture of games and the adjusting of their seeding in next week’s district tournament because the school was not involved in the falsifying,” said Sobers.

Henderson said the decision by the association was the right call.

“I think the FHSAA made the right decision,” said Henderson. “It was fair and just.”

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