Has the world become so unimaginative that not one designer can come up with a new concept for fashion?

I spent the weekend at the mall, and as I went through every rack in every store, I couldn’t help but notice the glaring fact that everything was identical. Every brand had a square cut boho “hipster” t-shirt in 12 different patterns.

It used to be an adventure going through rack after rack. Lately, though, every store seems to have the same identity: Look like a surfer/ hipster / beach-y girl. Just an update if a year ago you thought the best brand in the world was Hollister or Abercrombie than you don’t qualify as a hipster. All of a sudden people are finding obsessions with American Eagle /Outfitter and Forever 21 and while, yes, they do have good pieces, you realize you look like everyone else.

One thought on “It’s all a blur

  1. I completely agree. Retailers attempt to copy popular fashions designs with cheap materials, but the last time I checked, Burberry models aren’t strutting down the runway in the obnoxious boho tees you mentioned.

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