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True freedom is, by common definition, the ability to do whatever you want, think and say whatever you want. But it goes beyond that, I think. True freedom also includes freedom from any and all doctrine. It means being able to live without a framework for thought, being able to assimilate every philosophy or concept into your mental network. It means not having to reject anything. If you can live in each moment as if it were holy, and be acceptant of all things that come your way, then you will be free. You will be free from anger and egocentricism, because as each moment passes a new you will be born, free from prejudice and division. Most or all conflict comes from two beliefs which collide with each other, be it over religion, land ownership, or ethnic superiority. If you are free from all doctrine, then you can see everything as it actually is, and the mind will not distort. Do not force your beliefs on others, because this compromises their freedom. The soul of the free man is a slate wiped blank every moment, each day linked to the next only by the silence that permeates each one; God cannot speak. The sects of Christianity, as they divide more and more, with their covenants and in-fighting, only further themselves from what is actually holy: silent genuflection, communion with what is everywhere, what is always the same, just called by different names. True freedom is the ability to be unattached, to let everything run its course, to let all men go the way they want to. The first definition I gave for freedom, the ability to do all things, is already within you. You already have that kind of freedom, and what you need next is to free yourself from what has been created by that first kind, free yourself from all the constructions of man and see the world as it is: immutable, indescribable … a litany in a language beyond language.

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