English teacher Krista Orlando dodges silly string during her class going away party Oct. 20. Orlando left teaching, to persue a career with a law firm.

Sometime soon, while making a trek through the downstairs 200 building you will notice something missing. The warm smile often seen outside room 220 has left the school.

Krista Orlando, an Intensive Reading/English teacher has left to pursue a career as a liaison between lawyers and clients in a law firm. Orlando, who just started her fourth year teaching, had her last day Thursday Oct 20.

Though she’s excited for the new job and opportunity to have a balance between work and life, Orlando says she will, hands down, miss her kids the most.

“It is wonderful, Steinbrenner is truly the best school in the county,” said Orlando when talking about her experience at the school.

“Ms. O Pretty much taught us the tricks of FCAT and showed us how to not get caught up in so many mistakes, she became someone to look up to,” said junior Alex Lloyd, who had Orlando for sophomore intensive reading.

Orlando’s students held a going away party for her on Oct. 20.

Savanna Peterson / Staff Writer

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