This blog post is going to refrence some extremely helpful videos that give tutorials on drawing different parts of the face. Latley I have become extremely interested in drawing people. I’m starting with the basic profile shot of women because I find the nature of womens figure to be more abstract to work with. I do find it strange that I decided to back track by diving straight into painting before learning the starting functions of drawing. But a great aspect I’ve found in drawing is that when you subtract the color, shading really can be a beautiful thing. A drawing can come to life just as much as an oil paints, pastels or acrylic paints.

Here are the videos and tutorials I recomend for getting the basics:


How to make a realistic eye (10:16) Mark Crilley He really takes the time to explain things when needed as well as time lapse in the areas that don’t neccesarily matter for the overall concept.


How to draw: realistic looking lips and teeth (7:43) Brian Alvan The only thing about his tutorial is I would skip his intro. He may seem a bit monotone but the point gets across once he begins explaining, drawing and shading.


How to draw a nose (6:44) thevirtualintructor I like that he shows you what not to do and then breaks it down into four basic lines.


I’ve uploaded another drawing I did in the past and just wanted to explain it briefly. I was actually inspired to draw this from a magazine I recieved in the mail for prom dresses. The girl in the picture is suppose to be me (shocker). I never realized how imporant bone structure is in a drawing. It really bring it to life makes it life like and less of a cartoon(e.i. around the neck and collar bone). Overall I hope this drawing blog was helpful in some way or another! 🙂

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