To start my blog off I decided to try natural home remedies that help make your skin softer and clearer.

Lemon and sugar scrub:

1 tablespoon sugar

1 slice of lemon

Mix it together, put it on your skin and you have a baby soft face. 🙂

With the weather changing and getting colder/ dryer… that is except today. I’ve noticed my skin getting dry and a little flaky. Normally I would just go home and use a run of the mill drug store exfoliant, but last night I thought about what I’m really putting on my face. so out of my boredom I started looking up skin remedies, in the end I found myself at kandees video on YouTube explaining the use of the two magical ingredients above. all in all it seemed to really help, I couldn’t stop rubbing my face afterwards and commenting on how soft it was to everyone I talked to. If you’re reading, this try it…just saying.

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