I don’t believe that sitting in front of a blank sketch pad or canvas will move me to create a masterpiece. Just waiting for an idea or thought to come to me just doesn’t happen. So to get inspired in my artwork I have to start from one point to another:

What do you like?

When I see something I really like, that is a visual appeal to me I have to take a snapshot of it. Saving it in my memory isn’t good enough. There isn’t as much detail or realism in my mind as there is in an actual photo. I tend to draw or paint after my interests or hobbies. My example would be that I have a collection of porcelian fairies. Is there a hobby or theme that attracts you? I’ve been in the position where im half way through a painting and decide “you know what?  I hate it.” It’s a waste of my materials but I’d rather start from scratch than hang something I won’t ever look at again.

Who can you model after?

A good refrence when drawing, painting or any other artistic skill being performed its important to remember to have an artist to reference from. In order to be a good artist one needs to know of one. I personally like looking at other artists style and themes such as Benita Winckler or Melanie Delon. It good to be able to recognize  a persons unique style or stroke.

What are you trying to say?

When you paint is it just to show a picture? I tend to tell a story or set a scene. If I can’t do that much than it’s not worth the effort. I want to get just as much out of the picture or drawing as the amount I put into it. For beginners that want to get involeved in art let me tell  you, there is no need for an art class. Sure it’ll teach you terms and basicis but insipartion isn’t going to come from a class assignment.

I just want you to know that I love sharing art. If any of you guys want to share your art to the world then by all means do it! You can shoot me an email at erica_ann0@yahoo.com and send me a picture of your art. Be sure to include a paragraph about how you got inspired, what you get out of being an artist and anything else you want to add.

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