LUTZ – Athletic Director Eddie Henderson promised a long and drawn out search for the next girls soccer coach after former head coach Teresa Patterson stepped down to start a family. After nearly three months, the decision was made to announce Robert Woodard as the next coach for the team that won the 2011 4A State Championship, the first ever in school history.

Woodard has plenty of accomplishments following him into his new position. He won three State titles with Bloomingdale High in 1993, 1995 and 1998 and had one of the highest winning percentages in United States history during that time. He also was named to the top ten list of American high school soccer coaches by USA Today in 1993, 1995, 1998 and 1999.

In addition to Woodard’s multiple coaching accolades, he is a graduate of University of South Florida, was a member of Major Indoor Soccer League tryout clubs in St. Louis and founded the Northside United, a St. Louis club soccer team devoted to training young players in urban areas and prepare them for the sport at a colligate level. He also wrote the novel Black People Don’t Play Soccer? Unlocking American Soccer’s Secret Weapon, which according to his website has been critically acclaimed by ESPN SoccerNet.

The team will kickoff the new season at Jefferson on Nov. 7. 

Jeff Odom / Sports Editor

6 thoughts on “New coach Woodard looks to lead charge for Girls Soccer

  1. I think that the coach made a big mistake in taking the team. the coach is going to face some problems because if he dosent take the girls to state championship the girls parents are going to get mad because the other coach took them to the championship and this one din’t. seriously they should of hired mr. duda as the girls coach just because he’s played profesionnal and he knows what he’s doing. but anyways go girls warriors good luck.

  2. I feel really optimistic about this season with a new coach and returning players. I feel strongly we can repeat our state championship season!!!

  3. Whoa! I did’nt know that Woodward was a graduate of USF and was a member of Major Indoor Soccer Leauge! Im trying out for the team and last week I went to conditiong, he seems like a really nice guy and a great soccer coach! According to this article, he is a very accomplished and successful man. And I do not doubt any of it one bit!

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