From left to right, Kyle Dunn, Jeff Odom, Natalie Barman, Erica Everett and Megan Varde each show off their certificates received from placing in their respective categories.

TAMPA – “The Oraclestaff came away with top-three finishes in five different categories at the Florida Scholastic Press Association (FSPA) District 4 Workshop at the University of South Florida Marshall Center on  Fri., Oct. 7. The results are as follows:

On-the-Spot Illustration – Third Place (Co-Graphics Editor Megan Varde)

Carry-in Newspaper Centerspread – Third Place (Centerspread Editor Erica Everett)

On-the-Spot Sports Column Writing – Second Place (Sports Editor Jeff Odom)

Carry-in Newspaper Opinion Section – Second Place (Opinion Editor Natalie Barman)

Carry-in Newspaper Front Page – First Place (Editor-in-Chief Kyle Dunn)

The FSPA District 4 Workshop included publication staffs representing seven counties and 40 student publications. This was the first time The Oracle has participated in an FSPA-sponsored event.



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  1. Congratulations to The Oracle! The Oracle is a great newspaper, and it’s amazing how successful it has been.

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