An exaggeration would be to say that it was horrible, but Lil Wayne’s new album, Tha Carter IV, was definitely not the rage of successful music that I expected. The album was released on August 29, 2011 through Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records and Universal Republic Records.

After listening to the first few songs, it was hard not to be utterly disappointed. The song “Intro” sounded like every other rap song. The deep hard base and the slow beats fading in and out was nothing surprising, in fact completely expected form a rap album. In “Blunt Blowin’” he rapped slower, so although it was easier to understand what he was singing, the lyrics didn’t mean anything to me.

I expected Lil Wayne to pull through with some new, more meaningful lyrics. He didn’t impress though, with the same lyrics about sex, drinks and weed. These kind of lyrics were fun and crazy at first, but its been done. If he wants to keep succeeding past other rappers, he needs to differentiate what he sings about.

Compared to his previous albums, Rebirth and I Am Not a Human Being, this album lacked diversity and had confusing internal messages.

What everyone loves about a song is the message it gives or what it is singing about. If you are going through a hard break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, your favorite song that month might tend to be a song where the singer is relating to your life.

I noticed that in  Tha Carter IV, most of the songs contained meaningless rap.

Out of the entire album I enjoyed two of the songs that I think were extremely original from his previous songs and beats. These two songs were “How To Love” and “President Carter”.

“How To Love” had a soft, slow rap melody that even people who don’t usually enjoy rap might be fond of. It talks about a girl who had never experienced love before, and he wants to be the first one to show her ‘how to love’. This is the kind of meaningful lyrics I was hoping would spread throughout more of the album.

This is already one of the album’s bigger hits, so it seems to be pretty obvious what people are looking for from him.
I also enjoyed the song “President Carter,” strictly for its originality. I noticed that even hours after I had listened to it, I still had it stuck in my head. The beat and repetition of the name ‘President carter’ in the song is almost impossible not to be repeating yourself throughout the day after you listen to it, which is always a good thing for artists. The storyline was also entertaining. It makes you want to look up the music video and watch the storyline behind it.

As for the songs “Abortion,” “John,” “So Special,” “It’s Good,” “6 foot 7 foot,” etc, I really didn’t enjoy. I obviously set my expectations too high for the release of the new songs, because I was merely disappointed. The rap had no meaning, the beats were not catchy and not original enough from songs Lil Wayne has done in the past.

Enough with the sex, drinking and weed. We’ve been there, heard that. 6/10

Gaby Morillo / Staff Writer

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31 thoughts on “‘Tha Carter IV’ fails to deliver

  1. Almost every song on the carter 4 is great. president carter and megaman are by far the best. The only song i didnt really enjoy was mirrors because its nots lil waynes style. I did think it was gonna be a little better since lil wayne was about 3 months late from when he said hed drop the albumn but overall it is a really good albumn

  2. I haven’t listened to all the songs on his new album but a lot of the songs that i do know are pretty ok. I really like his song She Will, mainly because it features Drake and the beat is pretty good. But I completely agree with how horrible his song John is. It doesn’t make any sense and the music over powers the voices. And the fact that he even wanted someone as old as Rick Ross is pretty stupid. He should’ve brought in someone new who actually could progress in the music industry instead of someone that’s almost out. I still like Lil Wayne but you are kinda right.

  3. I really dont think the reviewer has an apprication for southern rap. Southern rap is all about good catchy fast paced beats and high production values. Good lyrics arent really a priority in this sub genre. However Lil Waynes flow, beats, and lyrics are off the chain crazy. If you are looking for substance in the lyrics look else where. But if your’re looking for crazy off the chain beats and even crazier lyrics Lil wayne’s Tha Carter IV delivers on all levels.

  4. Everybody has their own genre of music weather its rap, country, metal you name it. every lyric in every song mean something specific and each word can correlate with a single person. that’s the reason why we like music (beat, lyrics, sound). if you think about it, it is all the same for instance you could take a Lil Wayne song and turn it into hard core screamo just by adding different instruments and vocals, you can keep the lyrics exactly the same. for whoever out there that doesn’t like rap or that doesn’t like raga ect. it can be turned into something different and you can make that your job. so go ahead start recording.

      1. Well everybody has theirbdiffrent opinions onthis subject and i understand yours and respect that. Im not trying to get anybody to do things they dont want, im just suggesting to bring out the creativity in people. I want to see what more could come out of steinbrenner.

    1. Your must be crazy, Chad Kroeger is the worst singer possible. Have you seen the way he dresses like a man from the 1970’s? What a creep.

  5. i somewhat agree with the writer, its annoying when you hear the same thing. But obviously lil waynes doing something right because hes so successful

  6. I agree with the writer. I always hate it when you buy/listen to a new album for your favorite singer, and it ends up being the same old thing. Especially, when the songs sound pretty much identical to each other. It kind of just ruins the effect of a NEW album release.

  7. Weezy hahahahaaha Album Still Went Numba One Lol He Stuntin On Dha rap game Wit His Album sales regardlesss wat Ppl Think Lol hahahaha

    1. Dismissing “haters” is hardly an argument. His songs have absolutely no cognitive value and disillusion this generation into thinking cussing every five seconds.

    1. I cant see how you could possibly dislike Lil Wayne.
      He is an inspiration to modern day rap, and inspires many young children these days to express their feelings through music. Almost all of his songs are from the heart and discuss personal experiences of his life. You should be honored to be able to listen to his musical masterpieces.

      1. The only good rap group ever is the Beastie Boys. Lil Wayne is uninspired and terrible. The lyrics are a rotation of profanity and references to thug life.

        1. I cant explain why he uses profanity in his songs as much as he does, and I certainly don’t approve of swearing every ten seconds, but maybe his use of profanity could relate to the society he grew up in or the way he was raised; maybe he knows no better.

      1. I agree with the other Anonymous in the fact that Lil’ Wayne is terrible. Because he is terrible. Very very very very terrible.

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