When a teenager turns 16, it’s an exciting time. Some people get their license and the lucky ones get a car. Most licensed drivers enjoy the freedom they have transporting themselves to school, sports, work and other activities.
At the assembly last week, administration announced that no sophomores would be allowed to drive, unlike last year, and that administration will put licensed juniors drivers into a lottery system to get the spots left over that seniors don’t take up.
“I don’t like it, I don’t think it’s fair to people who play sports and stay after school,” said Junior Madison Keller. Keller is on the track team and involved in other after school activities and said that she will be mad if she doesn’t get a pass because she won’t have transportation to school and cannot take the bus home during track season.
Students whose parents who work, or don’t allow their children to ride with other kids, are completely out of luck and don’t have busses to their neighborhood.
It’s completely obvious that seniors should be the first to get parking passes with juniors following, but many students will still be denied a parking spot.
“We at Steinbrenner High School wish that every student have the opportunity to drive, however, we don’t have enough spaces,” said Assistant Principal of Student Affairs Ben Gerhardt.
But out of the senior class (holding 422), 275 people have parking passes and the parking lot only holds approximately 400 vehicles. There’s only going to be a small percentage of juniors who get parking passes and the rest who cannot drive because of the schools space issue are going to end up feeling high and dry.
“Who thought it was a good idea to have a school with a 2,400 capacity and not even have room so one-fourth of the students can drive?” asked senior Meagan Mahaffey.
The schools population now is 2183 with an estimated capacity of 2400 next year. When the 580 current juniors become seniors, how are all of us supposed to fit in a parking lot?
The main problem with this “parking issue” is space. Everything in this school is too small. However, in order to deal with the small parking lot, upperclassman who play sports, are in clubs, are choiced in, don’t have a bus or work should get priority over people who live close to school and don’t do any of the activities listed above.
To the students without a parking pass, Gerhardt suggests that there parent drive them, to ride bikes or to carpool.

42 thoughts on “Parking pass crisis unfair to students

  1. I think the whole parking pass situation was rediculous. The more and more students that come to this school are willing on driving. There are a lot of kids who have afterschool sports so it’s really an inconvience to not be able to park in the school parking lot.

  2. I really dont think that anybody wants to ride their bike to school, not everyone has somebody nearby to carpool with, and their paarents arent avalible to drive them, so I disagree with Mr. Gerhardt.

  3. I feel like the Steinbrenner administration isn’t going to learn until someone gets run over…

  4. I already got a spot..but they should have made a two story parking lot.And they still can during the next summer.

  5. I find the numbered system will ease it a little bit, but not too much at the same time. We need something like a garage or something,but those costs for one; are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  6. the fact that the are not enough parking spaces in the first place is ridiculous. the school is aware of how many student can attend this school, and off of that they can get a pretty decent estimate of how many of those kids will be driving to school. with that being said, if there is not enough spots then the passes should first go to upper class men, athletes, and student with special assignment.

  7. this needs to be fixed soon. i have band practice and soccer practice and im late to both cuz i cant drive to skool

  8. I’ll be quite honest, with way some of the teen drivers go thru the parking lot, it might be better their are less people able to park their. On one particular day a hot head in a Linclon Navigator almost nailed a girl pulling out of her spot in a late 90’s Jeep Grand Cherokee. Simply put you have to be a road warrior of sorts to make your way thru the student lot. Anymore cars and you’d have a demoltion derby.

  9. I agree 100% stienbrenner should have put more time thinking about constuction more throughly. The entrance is crazy coming in and out of school. i drive to school luckly i got a pass this year. but the 2 weeks i was waiting was nerve wrecking. I live an 1 hour away and i think the should look at that too.

  10. I think that there was poor planning with this school. All the high schools in this area are at capacity. They have struggled with parking too. More property could have been purchased West of the school for parking or the stadium. I think the lottery was pretty fair except for those in sports or clubs that practice away from the school. I don’t think sophomores should be able to drive. I think grades however play a big part in underclassmen but if you are a senior and in good standing you should get one. Choice students should be treated the same way as other students as they chose to come to our school.

  11. Why was our school parking lot built so small if we have over 2000 students? That makes no sense. They should seriously reconsider rebuilding the parking lot over the summer.

  12. Why was our school built with that small of a parking lot if we have over 2000 students? That makes no sense. They should rebuild the parking lot over the summer.

  13. I agree with most of the students on here. It’s a shame that the contractors weren’t thinking about space when Steinbrenner was built. If possible, the administration should seriously start thinking about extending the parking lot if land permits. I also agree with the fact that students with higher GPAs, regardless of their grade. I would make an exception to seniors though–they should get first pick.

  14. I completely agree with this article, its not fair that not all students were issued parking passes this year. Steinbrenner should have expected how many students would be attending the school and how many parking spots they need. Being 16 students should be allowed to drive to school if they can. Steinbrenner could not even give Sophomores the opportunity even some Juniors did not receive a parking pass. I think this is very unfair to students and each year it will just get worse.

  15. I think this whole situation was poorly planned. More and more students are attending Steinbrenner each year, meaning for more and more students wishing to drive to school. I’m a sophmore and with the junior class so large im doubtful that i will even get a parking pass next year. I honestly think, if the land permits, that we should really look into expanding our parking lot. I also agree that you should have a certain GPA to be allowed a pass. Either that or you should have to be involved in some sort of extracurricular activity to be allowed a spot.

  16. There’s a lot of kids at Steinbrenner meaning that there just isn’t enough parking paces for every single student with a car. Some may call it sad, but it’s the truth so everyone is going to have to deal with it. Besides with all the traffic in the morning, not to mention the gas prices, who would want to drive to school anyway?

  17. Somthin must b done about this situation seriously I mean I own an SUV and I ain’t gonna park in that lot

  18. I think that the 2,400 student population with only 400 parking spaces was poorly planned from the beginning. I think additional parking spaces need to be a key priority to accommodate the parking needs of all the students.

  19. I don’t think its fair that a lot sophomores get parking passes. And some juniors have to suffer.

  20. i agree with all the comments above however in this economy we cant necessarily ask for much. it would take hundreds and or thousands of dollars just to make a 100 or so new space. you have to add in the fact that there is really no where else to put lots unless you want to tear down Martinez or McKitrick and well that obviously doesn’t seem fair. if there Are any ideas of where we should put lots i highly recommend emailing the Hillsborough school bored.

  21. I agree with you jessica Nichols, the school should have thought this through while constructing. Every morning I have to wake up at about 5 a.m. in order to make it on time to school. It’s ridiculous. I’m seriously sleep deprived.

  22. i think that Steinbrenner doesnt only need re-construction in the parking lot, but also in in the enterance. I have gotten late 2 times already in the morning because of the crazy traffic in the morning. i even have to wait along time for my parents to pick me up after school too.

  23. i think that Steinbrenner doesnt only need re-construction in the parking lot, but also in in the enterance. i have gotten late 2 times already in the morning because of the crazy traffic in the morning

  24. I agree that they need to do re-construction to the school. Everything was build far too small, with no room for growth.

  25. I agree that the school didn’t do a very good job at allotting enough space for parking. With a good idea of how many students would attend the school, the contractors should have allowed more space for parking. I also agree that those who involved in sports or any other regular after school activities should get first pick at parking on campus.

  26. I think that Steibrenner needs to have a lot of reconstruction. The issue doesn’t only lay in the parking lot, but also with the traffic and student accidents.

  27. I wish contractors would keep spacing in mind; they need to realize there is going to be much more growth in a school and plan accordingly.

  28. The parking passes should have been given to the juniors who have what matters at school, good grades! The juniors with the highest GPAs should have been given passes

    1. i also agree that students with highest GPA’s should have a higher chance at getting a parking pass than those who fail…

  29. I agree with Meagan, administrators don’t have any power over the space available. The real reason to complain is someone decided to build there schools off of one road, in a flood zone.

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