October 5

A couple weeks ago, just as school was kicking off, staffers of The Oracle began to seriously discuss these blogs. I heard mixed talk about topics for each blog, ranging from fashion to books to complaints. Despite much thought, I wasn’t sure what my topic should be. There are many things that interest me, but what do other people care about that I have a strong enough interest in to write on every week?

The answer to that question is a lot more complex than a simple noun or verb. My decision to write a blog in the first place was to express my views, opinions and thoughts on whatever seemed most prevalent at the moment. That subject, though, is too broad for one blog and even one person. Fortunately, it’s easy to pinpoint what sparks my views, opinions and thoughts. People. Students, faculty, parents, friends, adults, kids, politicians. The most interesting topic of all, in my eyes, is people.

This blog isn’t about everyday life. It’s not about policies, actions or routines. But it is about things that effect the reader. The specific topic may range from week to week, but my goal is for every issue to make the reader think, feel intrigued and spark conversation. Tune in every week for the latest in news, social life, Steinbrenner and more.

JD Salinger once wrote, “People never notice anything”. Well, it’s about time that changes.

On a side note, I will probably rarely ever use the word “I” after this blog post.

Thumbs up.

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