It’s hard to imagine that just three years ago, many around the community believed the Strawberry Crest Chargers would be primed for success because of their location. Corn-fed, middle of no where, football loving athletes and parents were supposed to build a small community around “the next Armwood” as dubbed by many, but so far (and not for the forseen future) the team has driven itself further and further into the ground.

Now, with a brand new head coach thrust into a role with no time to prepare and a young, injury plagued team entering a new district in their third year with State contender Armwood and up and coming Sickles breathing down their neck, the team is facing some social media backlash. Former coach Todd Donohoe, who resigned a couple months back to spend more time with his family, is being asked if not begged to return by hundreds of Charger fans because the team has sputtered to an 0-4 start with no win in sight. New coach Gerold Dickens didn’t have the chance to compile a staff of coaches, much like Warriors coach Floyd Graham didn’t after his hiring in 2009. The team has been held under the weight of injuries including Koren Robinson the team’s standout wide receiver. And with the added backlash from “fans” that want Dickens fired and Donohoe brought back, it brings the team down even more.

When you have a multi-year State champion school in Armwood literally 10 minutes up the road, the decision for prime athletes and football players is already made up…by-pass Crest and go into Hawkland head first. Strawberry Crest will unlikely ever be known for a great football team like many originally thought and it isn’t their fault. Blame the zoning, blame the district, blame the location, but don’t blame a man that was thrown into the position blind. It’s ignorant, it shows that you really are impatient, but most of all it shows that you don’t appreciate Dickens’ hard work in the job done so far.

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