As my first blog I would just like to introduce myself and what my blog is going to be all about. I’m Erica Everett the Center spread Editor of the paper. I like to be artistic so my blog will be about my drawings/ paintings, other students’ art work, and photography.

This first painting well doesn’t exactly have a title but it was my first fairy fantasy creation. The idea I got for this painting, which I use Acrylic paint (all my supplies by which I attain from the store Michaels), is from a collection I have. I have 23 porcelain fairy figures that are placed around my room that I have collected over the years.

I had to go online to decide what kind of setting I wanted my fairy to be in, the perspective I would have and all the elements I would bring into it. There is a great website with amazing fairy digital paintings I referenced to . If you scroll down the page you can see the picture that I wanted to model after. The image is titled Faydrums (Nudity) and the creator is Benita Winckler. Her dress, stance and forest background were the elements I took to my own painting.

The main difference that I created in my painting is color pattern and the face. I wanted to leave her with a blank face to evoke fascination and imagination. So anyone that looked at her could imagine their own fantasy. In proportion to the flowers I had her take up about a fourth of the canvas. This close up feel allowed me to create more of those close details that complete her look.

I wanted to tie in wonder by having the light shining down from the top left corner. The light shines down toward the flower she is touching, which brings your eyes down to the focus of the painting.

I love the reflection of the water because I enjoyed not making the water a plain blue. I used the same colors I took from the flowers and the water to design her wings. I only used four main colors because I didn’t want too much going on in the picture.

Overall this is one of my favorite paintings that I created. The whole process of starting on a blank canvas, to the first stoke, to the final product, it is a great accomplishing feeling after I finish a piece. I can look back on my work and say “man, I can’t believe this went from nothing, to something.”

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  1. I think that the paintings and drawings that you create are almost as beautiful as you are. They should be in museums!! (as long as it is a fairy museum)

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