Kids from all over the Tampa area and local high schools gather every Wednesday to be “moved” with the word of Jesus Christ at Grace Family Church. “The Move” (formerly known as iO) is a great event for fellowship and to grow your faith through Christ’s word. I go to it almost every week and get something new out of it each time I attend. The way High School Pastor Josh Hawk relates the word to my life experiences shows me that I am not the only one going through the problems.

Even though the reputation of “The Move” is high for fellowship, there are some things that may lead to kids not wanting to go or parents not allowing their kids to attend the event. Some of the other churches’ impressions of “The Move” are saying that Grace Family is just providing a place for teens to sit in the game room and make out or start trouble. Not quite. Even though “The Move” is for high school kids, the faculty makes sure that there is no PDA. Also, some parents think there is not much security and there will be teens running around everywhere. This is also false. There are more than enough parents and volunteers to handle all the kids.

When Hawk (or whoever the speaker is that Wednesday) is speaking, they gives such a good message that all eyes are on them. The room is so quiet; you could hear a pin drop. Sometimes the message is also very deep when kids start tearing up or laughing hysterically.

“The Move” truly gives an outstanding meaning to every young adult that comes in and lets Jesus Christ’s word into their hearts. The first time I attended “The Move”, the sermon was based off of testimonials given by kids that attended the churches’ summer camp. One young boy explained how he originally went to camp to hang with his friends and he could care less about the message. He then said that by listening to the messages and what the church camp offered, he gave his life to Christ that same week.
I recommend “The Move” to every Christian individual in high school or kids wanting to experience what Jesus can do for their lives. The people, pastors and volunteers do their best to make “The Move” a safe and friendly environment that everyone can enjoy.

Gaby Morillo

12 thoughts on “‘The Move’ Delivers Friendliness, Memorable Message

  1. I am a leader at “The Move” and love every moment spent there. The staff is wonderful, the student leaders & adult leaders really take a stand for God and desire to have a relationship that grows rapidly with God, but also with the teens who attend. No one is perfect, I think people put Christians on to high of a pedastool. We make mistakes and may say things to offend people, but you should never judge the hole congrigation or staff because of one persons wrong doing. We are very sorry for your bad expirence but, we would love to have you be a part of “The Move” family. 🙂

  2. not to be rude, but i am pretty sure they did not mean to offend you. there are good people there. it takes some time to find the truth. just please give this event a chance. 🙂

  3. I remember now that I had forgotten to further explain why I was told that. I was told I deserved to die because I am a homosexual and yes I know I should not allow one person to change my perspective of the staff and I am not, I am merely stating that the staff should not allow other members to say that to teenagers and further more say that in front of other teenagers. All I am saying to others is that it is a church, if you are easily offended by something that may be brought up in church, I would advise you not to attend

  4. the group leader was not saying that you specificially deserv to die. mankind has sinned. we all deserve death. it is a universal statement. nothing said is to be taken offensively

  5. I have gone to “The Move” for three years and have had many fun experiences there, but once my small group leader had told me that I deserve to die and that I deserve the same fate as a killer I had lost all respect for “The Move”. I realize that the actions of one man should not falter my opinion of the church but the church itself should inform the small group leaders of what they can and can not say. I am not saying that “The Move” is a bad place but I am saying attend at your own risk.

    1. You shouldnt let one person change your whole perspective on the staff. Im sure something was done about your experience.

  6. “the move” is absolutely wonderful from the moment you walk in it’s a truly eye opening experience the staff and student leaders are incredibly welcoming I enjoy it very much and look forward to it every week

  7. this event is a wonderful time to be able to expand your understanding of God’s love and find fellowship with other teens who share your faith. The pastors are wonderful, and the praise and worship is upbeat and exciting. the “battle” between church and state has always happened. coaches and teachers are allowed to preach, and pray.. it’s just a matter of offending a student who doesnt share the same faith. “the move” is a wonderful opportunity to discover new things. i strongly encourage everyone to go!

  8. I’v been to this church and this social event before. i stayed for about 3 years before i realized they had been running out of things to say for example “god is the only thing that can get you through an addiction” said by one of my youth group leaders. i enjoyed it and thought it was a great experience however when they started to state things like this i was thrown off especially with the segments they are coming out with in the next couple weeks about gay people. not so cool anymore

  9. I have a question. To what extent does the separation between state and church apply to? For example coach’s can’t pray before a football game yet we have a school ministry and I’ve had many teachers preach to my class. When is it OK and when is it over the line?

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